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Village Sangiovese 2022

Village Sangiovese 2022

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We love Sangiovese above all other grape varieties. There... we said it. Its just magic up here, puckering acidity, dusty tannins and flavour for days. It's Adelaide Hills sure, but its a clear comparison to the old world. As good as lunch wine gets, we reckon.

Vineyard: Turnbull (Charleston)

Vine age: 24 years

Clones: H6V9

Elevation: 460m

Aspects: North

Soils: Sandy loam over siltstone andsandstone.

Vinification: 100% destemmed open topped fermentation for three weeks before closing the tank and leaving on skins for an extra three weeks. Pressed to a 2500 Italian foudre for 8 months.

Alc: 14.4%

pH: 3.55

TA: 5.1 g/L

Production: 240 dozen